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Production Facilities

PERSTIMA manufactures the tinplate by continuous electro-tinning process, of which the process has superior properties due to the uniformity of coating weights, availability of differential coating and proper chemical treatment.
PERSTIMA used the latest technology in electro-tinning process, which is called MSA(Methane Sulfonic Acid) solution. MSA solution is an acid which has an organic base and environment- adaptive.

The production lines also equipped with the following facilities to ensure the excellent quality of tinplate being produced:

●   Recoiling
●   Independent Shearing
●   On-line Coating Gauge
●   On-line Thickness Gauge
●   Pinhole Detector
●   Narrow Lap Single Seam Welder
In order to supply decent tinplate for customers, we install ASI (Automatic Surface Inspector). This facility and system can detect defects covering whole surface area so that it prevents outflow of defect products to customers.


Safety, health and welfare during working is a priority to the company and its employees. Therefore, it is the responsibility of both employer and employees to make PERSTIMA a safe workplace.
To materialise the above, the company has recognised the following requirements:
To provide and maintaining a safe and healthy work place and working system.
To ensure all employees are given information, instruction, training and supervision on how to perform their duties safely without risk to health.
To investigate all accidents, diseases, poisoning and dangerous occurrence and actions taken to ensure no recurrence.
To comply with the law and other safety and health requirements as per occupational safety and health act 1994 and it’s regulation and approved code of practice.
To allocate and provide all the resources needed to support and implement 'accident preventive plan' effectively.
To provide welfare for all employees, and
To review this policy if necessary.
To hope with the guidance and cooperation given by all parties will make PERSTIMA towards the era of working without an accident.
© Copyright Perusahaan Sadur Timah Malaysia (PERSTIMA) Berhad 2023. All Rights Reserved.