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Tinplate has an attractive surface finish and features excellent corrosion resistance, formability, paint ability, lacquer ability, printability, and strength, solder ability, weld ability and lastly, is beautiful in appearance. Tinplate is widely used in a broad range of applications such as food cans, non-carbonated cans, ornament containers, crowns and screw caps, aerosol cans as well as electrical parts and other general cans.

Tin Free Steel

Tin Free Steel (TFS) has excellent paint adhesion properties that far surpass those of Tinplate. The high-temperature baking causes neither discoloration nor deterioration in material properties. As it has excellent corrosion resistance after painting, it is generally used with both surface painted.
Our wholly owned subsidiaries, Perstima (Vietnam) Co., Ltd and Perstima (Philippines) Inc. are able to produce Tin Free Steel.


High Corrosion Resistance
Wide Range of Coating Weights
Excellent Scratch Resistance
Best Material for Longest Shelf Life
Excellent Lacquer Adhesion
Excellent Printability and Paint ability
Available in Both Cut Sheets and Coils
High Quality Assurance
Available in Various Thickness, Temper and Surface Finish

Product Features


Excellent Properties For Can-Making

PERSTIMA electrolytic tinplate incorporates every property vital to the easy production of quality cans: lacquer ability, printability, formability, weld ability and scratch resistance.  

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

PERSTIMA electrolytic tinplate is produced in the most up-to-date equipment using the most advanced technology. The tinning operations are closely controlled, as are the chemical composition and surface quality of the base metal. That means the coating weights is uniform and that corrosion resistance is high.

Wide Choice

PERSTIMA electrolytic tinplate comes in a wide range of specifications to allow selection of the tinplate most suitable for any specific application.
Wide range of thickness
Wide range of coating weight
Differential coatings available
Choice of bright finish, stone finish, super stone finish and matte finish
Comes in both cut-sheets (Primary scroll or straight cut) and coils.
Wide range of tempers available
Wide range of base metals.
© Copyright Perusahaan Sadur Timah Malaysia (PERSTIMA) Berhad 2023. All Rights Reserved.