Production Facilities

PERSTIMA manufactures Tinplate by a continuous electro-tinning process, producing both Equally Coated and Differentially Coated with differential markings as per customer requests.
    PERSTIMA uses the latest technology in electro-tinning process called MSA (Methane Sulfonic Acid). MSA solution is a nontoxic, environmentally superior alternative to traditional plating processes.
  The production lines also equipped with the following facilities to ensure the excellent quality of tinplate being produced:

●   Recoiling

●   Independent Shearing

●   On-line Coating Gauge

●   On-line Thickness Gauge

●   Pinhole Detector

●   Narrow Lap Single Seam Welder
  The ASI (Automatic Surface Inspector) system monitors the whole surface area of a strip, detecting any defects and thus preventing outflow to customers. Just one of the several quality control measures integrated into our production line.  


The Safety, Health and Welfare of our employees is of utmost priority. We believe it is the responsibility of both the employer and the employee to make PERSTIMA a safe working environment.  
To materialize the above,
the Company recognizes the following requirements:
To provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace and working system.
To ensure all employees are given information, instruction, training and supervision on how to perform their duties safely without risk to the health.
To investigate all accidents, diseases, poisoning and dangerous occurrences and to take action to ensure there are no recurrences.
To comply with the law and other safety and health requirements as per occupational safety and health acts.
To allocate and provide all the resources needed to support and effectively implement ‘accident preventive plans’ .
To provide welfare for all employees, and
To review this policy regularly, updating when necessary.
To collectively work towards a work environment with no accidents.