Bubur Lambuk Distribution 2024
In a bid to welcome the fasting month of Ramadan and reflect on the values of giving and sharing, on 02nd April 2024 or 22 Ramadhan 1443H, Perstima Berhad have conducted Bubur Lambuk (savory porridge) Program – Distribution to The Community’ to the community.

With collaboration with Kelab Perstima and Ramadhan bazaar’s organizer; Lembaga Koperasi Melayu Pasir Gudang Berhad, a total about 800 packets of bubur lambuk had been successfully distributed to communities at Ramadhan bazaar, Jalan Bandar Pasir Gudang and to our employees. The Kelab Perstima also distributed Cordial (Sunquick) to its members.

It’s a Muslim tradition to give it out to the community during Ramadan in goodwill. The bubur lambuk became the staple food as it is easy to prepare while having all the nutritional values for your body. It also warms the soul after a whole day of fasting. May this small gesture is blessed by Allah and can be continued in the future.