Blood Donation
KELAB Perstima in cooperation with the Hospital Sultanah Aminah has organized a ‘Blood Donation Campaign held on 30th Jan 2024. This blood donation activity has helps to elevate the volunteerism spirits among employees and demonstrates our commitment of giving back to the committee. The blood donation campaign started from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm and about 21 volunteers were qualified to donate out of 29 volunteers after the blood screening. For volunteers to be a qualified donors, they must undergo screening measure. The screening measure is vital to ensure safety of the blood donated from the donor to the recipients. The screening factors include; weight, pregnancy, age, iron level and medical conditions. As for recognition of the donors volunteerisms spirits, organizer has provided consolation gift to all volunteers that have participated in the blood donation campaign.

Kudos to all team members that has successfully executed the ‘Blood Donation Day’ activity. Enormous thank you are also in order for the HSA, for supporting KELAB Perstima ‘Blood Donation Campaign’.