Kuala Lumpur Office



  • Sales department contributes especially for food industry through the sales activity of our product, tinplate.
  • Coverage of activity area is ranging Malaysia domestic market as well as all of foreign market in the world.
  • Maximizing expert knowledge and experience as leading tinplate producer would satisfy all customers which consume tinplate.

Skills you may acquire with joining PERSTIMA Sales

  • Expert knowledge about steel industry and the market
  • Knowledge about Can making and Packaging
  • Research skill for exploring new market and feasible study
  • Logical thinking to solve difficult matters
  • Negotiation with efficient approach

Benefits Information

  • Competitive salary
  • Annual bonus
  • 18% EPF contribution by company
  • 24 days of annual leave (after confirmation)
  • Allowances such as transportation, telephone, outstation etc.
  • Coverage of medical assistance including immediate families.
  • Provide staff insurance scheme


Irene Gan / Sales Administrative

Studied: Marketing / Interests: Travelling
1. What makes you decide to join PERSTIMA
I decided to join PERSTIMA since I complete my first interview, although the management haven’t decide to recruit me. The environment of sales office is clean and tidy, I believe that a staff will perform well in this good environment. Besides that, the benefit provide to staff is attractive such as EPF and medicinal cover.
2. What do you do in Sales department?
I’m doing a role of Sales administration in Sales department. I manage to control and instruct factory to produce tinplate based on customer’s daily order.
3. What motivate you in your job?
I can feel happiness when I success to fulfil and exceed customers’ sudden requests or needs.
4. Any advises for future colleague?
You would be able to get great experience through daily challenging work if you joined PERSTIMA sales. Then, I hope we will do it better together.

There are currently no vacancies available.